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Irvine Council votes for developer’s proposal to finally build the Great Park

The Irvine City Council net tonight to discuss and vote on a development plan at the Great Park put forth by Five Point Communities.  The proposal has been described as imperfect but it was approved by the Council on a 5-0 vote.

Irvine City Commissioner Allan Bartlett reacted to the vote on Facebook, “Irvine Republicans have kept their promise to finally start the real building of the Great Park in Irvine. Larry and Beth had 12 years to do this. They failed miserably and wasted over $200 million in the process.”

Past, and hopefully future, Irvine City Council candidate Lynn Schott also posted her reaction on Facebook, “At long last, after over 12 years, it looks like there is a deal in place with Five Points Communities to finally move forward with actual plans to build a Great Park in Irvine. “

Schott commented on the meeting as it proceeded.  Here are a few excerpts:

  • Great to see progress on the Great Park! Elections have consequences, and in electing a Republican majority to the Irvine City Council, it looks like at long last, Irvine will begin to move forward on actually building a park that we were promised over 12 years ago.  Christina Shea has made a motion to proceed on a plan, and Jeffrey Lalloway has supported the motion with a second.
  • Beth Krom is still back on the airport. She just thanked the government for commandeering James Irvine’s Lima bean fields so that we could be having the Great Park conversation.
  • Ms. Krom, you blew your chance to create the park. Time to step aside and let others get it done now.
  • Ms. Krom just went on a long speech about making sure to give the public the Great Park that was promised. We waited for 12 years while her majority had complete control of this project, and spent $220 million to produce nothing of real substance to this point.
  • Jeffrey Lalloway doing a great job explaining the economic concept of TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch). All the money swirling around the Great Park had to come from somewhere. It’s either public money, or money from the developer. Nothing is free.
  • Larry Agran expressing concern about the missing canyon, and about moving forward with transparency. You just can’t make this stuff up.
  • Great comments, Jeffrey Lalloway. Don’t allow Agran’s motion to cloud the issues. Keep it clean and straightforward.
  • Uh oh! So Jeffrey Lalloway in questioning Larry Agran about his amended motion, it appears that there may have been a separate conversation surrounding land for a high school at the Great Park. Very interesting.
  • Larry Agran just got done urging transparency in Great Park dealings.

Bartlett has a lot of great comments on his Twitter feed too:

  • Larry Agran spent 12 years doing no building at the Great Park. Now we actually have the chance to build it.
  • You had 12 years to build the Park Beth and we have nothing to show for it.
  • Beth is lamenting that the new development plan presented by Five Points is not what she and Larry envisioned….sigh
  • Beth Krom….”OMG, they’re trying to put a lot of sports parks and commercial businesses at the GP”
  • @jefflalloway saying that the @SHEAonIRVINE and @DrStevenChoi got elected to build the Park. Exactly. Please get the ball rolling
  • Essentially, Five Points is giving the city $176 million in return for the building entitlements in their plan.
  • Here we go….Larry wants to try and amend @SHEAonIRVINE ‘s motion to include moving the new High School away from Musick Jail.
  • @jefflalloway making a good point that Larry’s amended motion is already an agenda item later on.
  • @jefflalloway concerned that Larry may have secretly negotiated with Five Points moving the new High School. 
  • Larry withdraws his amended motion.
  • Republicans in Irvine have kept their promise in voting to actually build the Great Park now. Sorry Larry and Beth
  • Larry says the recession is over. Maybe he should tell that to the millions of people still unemployed.

It is time now to finally name the Great Park after President Ronald Reagan!

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5 Responses

  1. Leave it unbuilt. What a colossally stupid idea it was in the first place. NEWSFLASH: Irvine has plenty of parks. We reached total-park saturation eons ago. The whole place is lousy with them. Throw a rock in Irvine and hit another park. Watch it ricochet across the street and you’ll see another.

    You might as well have said, “You know what Irvine really needs instead of an airport? A shopping center!” Or, “Ooh, ooh! What about single-family housing tract! That will revolutionize the place!”

    What a waste. And what a waste is Irvine. Hey, here’s an idea: what about using El Toro to build a village that doesn’t look exactly like all the others? What about giving us mixed-use zoning, a bit of cafe culture, walkability, and maybe a decent pub or two? Hell, I’d even allow for a small square-block sized park to pull it all together.

    Learn another note already. The Irvine Spectrum is a poor excuse for living.

    • Doublavoo

      Move to LA you square

      • You are LA, you square (and the name is cute, by the way). LA is the pathetic pseudo-metropolitan macrocosm of Irvine. It’s what a tremulous Orange-Countian peers at from the covers-that-are-the-Orange-Curtain seeing a bogeyman in their own reflection writ large. And love or leave it is the lowest form of political argument.

        • Doublavoo

          What do you mean, I am LA?
          I am the OC…born and raised. I’m proud of the city for giving me everything it has to offer–ia safe environment and fun, exciting, awesome, and any other positive word I could think of to describe it’s parks.
          I think you’re LA. So I’m gonna call you LA Josh. How about that?

    • Lew

      Well I reckon, ol’ Joshie boy here done have himself a point. Now, I ain’t never asked for ‘notha park round these parts, yasee. And it ain’t seem right for them uppities jus ta take our hard earned dolla and ask for mo’! Now, I swear to you…I am HONORED to finally see the ‘publicans crankin theys rusty gears. They ain’t done nuttin like that in awhile, yasee. But, by golly, I’ll be a fools uncle if I’m just gon sit by like a crow on a clothesline.

      I’ll tell you back on the farm with ma pa, we ain’t never got no extension from the weatherman cuz we ain’t feel like plowin the fields. We ain’t never known nuttin but hard work, yasee.

      So how bout them politicians pull up theys britches and slide on theys clod hoppers. Admit ya’ll kicked fresh cow dung in the faces of ya’lls constituents by poor planning and lack of execution. And while ya at it put in a few honkey tonks for ol’ Joshie and the yunguns!

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